The National Organization for Live Arts - Nola’s Angels is a passionate, non-profit organization headquartered in Houston, TX and focused on raising financial support through live arts & entertainment.  Our fundraisers benefit other organizations or individuals who strive to make a positive difference in the lives of people.

Charities are selected after a discussion and vote of approval by the Board of Directors.  Charities are selected based upon several criteria including impact to the community, the demand the charity is meeting, the commitment level of the charity and their ability to do great things.  Charities are not affiliated with any political or religious groups. 

Our Vision
Our Mission Statement

To use live arts (concerts, theatrical performances, etc.) as a vehicle for both people and businesses alike to provide philanthropic support for organizations and ideas that contribute to the health and vitality of the community. 

To identify both small and large charities with great ideas who are striving to do great things and could use a little help.  We hold various functions throughout the year, centered around arts and entertainment, in order to raise both funds and awareness of the charities we support. Part of our goal is to build a network of “Angels” both individuals and business who provide philanthropic support to Arts & Entertainment events sponsored by Nola’s Angels in an effort to raise funds for charitable organizations who deserve recognition and financial support.  In other words our goal is to raise charitable capital, in an artistic manner, for those who are trying to make a difference in the lives of others because we believe even heros need angels!

The organization’s name is a dedication to Nola Broussard who has lived her life by example being an “angel” to so many. She has lived her life inspiring others to be more selfless and to act as an angel to one another.   Nola grew up in Louisiana before moving to Texas in the early 1960‘s.  Her Cajun influence is part of her loving personality as she brings a little southern charm to everything she does and her words of wisdom nourish the soul like a good bowl of gumbo and a  warm side of corn bread.  Her greatest joy in life comes from helping others and her love of music and live arts is kept near and dear to her heart.   As part of the development of this Organization’s name not only did we find inspiration from the  amazing way in which Nola lives her life and sets an example for others, we also found it appropriate that NOLA provides the perfect acronym for the National Organization for Live Arts. 

About the Name
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